Important Notifications on Cash Transactions

In Budget 2017-18, a ban on cash transaction of more than Rs 3 lakh has been proposed. The same has been mentioned in the Finance Bill 2017. But, the Govt of India has made amendment in Finance bill and has reduced the Cash transaction limit to Rs 2 Lakh.

This amendment has been passed through Finance Act, 2017 and notified on 31-March-2017. Complete details on Rs 2 Lakh Cash Transaction limit have been provided in a new section referred to as ‘Section 269ST‘.

As per Section 269ST, any person who enters into a transaction of Rs 2 Lakh or above in cash, will be liable to a penalty of an amount equivalent to the amount of transaction.

Various Threshold Limits under the Income Tax Act

ADDENDUM TO THE GST RATE SCHEDULE FOR GOODS [As per discussions in the GST Council Meeting held on 3 rd June, 2017]

The following amendments / additions are required to be made to the aforesaid document: 1. In Chapter 15, in the 18% rate column, the part entry from 1517 relating to edible mixtures of vegetable fats or oils, that is “edible mixtures or preparations of vegetable fats or vegetable oils or of fractions of different vegetable fats or vegetable oils … Continue reading