US Ambassador to support Kerala start up

US Ambassador to India Richard R Verma has visited Startup Village

Mr.Verma responded positively tothe request for facilitating young entrepreneurs’ visit to Silicon Valley in the US.

According to a release, the US Ambassador said he would examine the possibility of supporting a ‘Landing Pad’, which is being prepared in the Silicon Valley in the US.

The Landing Pad is a platform for start-ups from India to get a first-hand knowledge of the Silicon Valley culture.

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Indian startups may get Service Tax, Excise Duties waiver for a specified period


The union government is planning to exempt startups from service tax  and excise duties until their revenues have reached a certain threshold.

According to the Econoimc Times, a group of ministers chaired by Jayant Sinha, minister of state for finance, is planning considering creating  a one-stop registration service for all startups. This service is also expected to make the  startups eligible for government grants.

Startups which register under the department of science and technology and are certified as ‘bonafide’ will then be eligible for tax exemptions until their revenues reach a certain threshold, according to the Economic Times. They will also qualify to receive grants of up to .`10 crore from the DST.


Start Up Summit 2015

Great  opportunity  to fuel your business growth.

Startup summit 2015 will be held on April 4-5 2015 at The Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata. 

The conference brings together the speakers that are the best breed of entrepreneurs, innovators, venture capitalists, business model creators, consultants, policy-makers, academicians, support groups, business coaches and business practitioners to present and discuss innovation and success

The summit examines various aspects of starting business and its growth strategies.Highly successful entrepreneurs,business and industry experts spare their time and knowledge to mentor small business owners and early entrepreneurs.